jim suit


James Bond diver with JIM 4

And why on earth would you? Well, it’s more than likely you’ve seen him before, perhaps several times


The creators of the JIM ADS

Some very early pictures of the key people involved in the design and development of the JIM suit


A row of numbered JIM suits

The numbering of successive JIMs, a pretty straightforward task you’d think, correct? Think again.

Coming Next ...

JIM and other ADS manufacture

A look at the various skills and materials that went into the production of Atmospheric Diving Suits at UMEL

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Facts and Figures about JIM

A few rather obscure facts and figures about the JIM suit which you didn’t know about ... or maybe you did

In the Pipeline ...

JIM's more memorable adventures

So what exactly did JIM get up to? Here are some snippets from JIM’s more memorable adventures