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The Book

£14.99 per copy

‘Check for Leaks’ is a short memoir of the many ups and downs (forgive the pun) involved in the JIM trials and (let’s be honest) tribulations during the 1970’s and ’80s. Some of the stories I’m sure will make you laugh while others are guaranteed to make you want to cry. I do hope you enjoy it!

You can purchase a signed first edition (on request) from The Historical Diving Society's website but don't delay as numbers are now limited.

Why Purchase?

  • ADS operators – past, present and perhaps future may be interested to know a bit about how the research process contributed to making things a little safer by increasing our understanding of potential hazzards and how to deal with them
  • Diving records – perhaps you’ve heard of RNPL’s achievements
  • Historical interest – places and people as they appeared over 35 years ago
  • Local interest – you may live or have lived in the vicinity of RNPL and often wondered what on earth was going on in there?
  • Participant – you, a relative or perhaps someone you know may have been involved in the ADG’s activities at some point
  • Scientific research – to experience the practicalities, some might even say ‘idiosyncrasies’, of the research process through the eyes of someone who was actually part of it
  • Social interest – current or former divers, both military and civilian
  • Specialist interest – ADS, ROV, RCV, deep sea diving, human physiology

Coming Soon ...

Are you curious about what happened to the JIM suit after 1986? well I was and recently decided to carry out some research before the information fades into obscurity. So, with the invaluable help of some of my old ‘diving buddies’, a follow up edition to the book is in the pipeline which should reveal all or at least a bit more. Watch this space! One big mystery yet to be solved though is the whereabouts of JIM 19. Does anybody know?

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